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Summer has finally arrived, so I decided to visit Marsh Farm Fishery for a few days camping and fishing. It was perfect blue sky for the three days that I was there, and very hot, which killed the fishing, but I got a great tan. Tried out my new tent (it was awesome) and had plenty of nice food, sunsets and sun tanning.

July 2013. The approach to the farm. Poppytastic.

July 2013. More poppies in the corn field. Beautiful.

July 2013. The view from my tent of one of the ponds.

July 2013. My lovely car and new tent. They're so blue !

July 2013. The entrance to the new Gelert wonder tent.

July 2013. The interior of the tent (before I trashed it with crumbs, grass etc).

July 2013. The sleeping area. It is for four people, apparently.

July 2013. The first fishing spot of the trip. It didn't produce any fish.

July 2013. Same spot but view to the left, at the back of the lake.

July 2013. The only decent carp I caught during the trip.

July 2013. Fishing spot on day two. It didn't produce any fish, but very pretty.

July 2013. Different view of the same spot, at the back of the lake.

Published on 2 December 2012

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