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News Thumbnail I nearly did not go fishing today because I thought it would be too hot, and the fish would be absent. But I forced myself to go, and I'm glad I did because it turned out to be a very nice day, and eventually I got some action.

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Pulblished on 12 July 2013
News Thumbnail Arrived later than I planned so it was a mad rush to get the tent up, so I could get fishing. It was very hot and humid, and mostly sunny. I settled down in the shady swim at the back of the lake, near the no fishing area island, with the up turned boat.

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Pulblished on 5 July 2013
News Thumbnail I got up at the crack of 7am and headed straight to the lake before even having a coffee. It was warm, bright and sticky even at that time, so I was not too optimistic. I headed to the swim with the square bay at the back of the lake, where I had seen, previously the night before, a giant (5 foot) swirl of water disturbed by some monster of a carp.

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Pulblished on 4 July 2013
News Thumbnail I've been praying for some warm weather, and today I got it. Now it's too hot. I'm never happy me. Anyway, I fished at the near bay next to the tree, but it was a bad decision, as blossum off the trees was everywhere and clogged up my tackle.

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Pulblished on 30 June 2013
News Thumbnail It was freezing and grey all day. Welcome to the British summer. I arrived at about 1pm and went to my favourite swim of the moment, at the back of the lake by the island.

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Pulblished on 9 June 2013
News Thumbnail Today started slowly with quite a few bream, and gradually got better. There is still a cold wind which is uncomfortable to sit in, and it looks likely to taint the whole summer. The coldest winter in 50 years means that the North Sea is well below its normal temperature, meaning easterly winds are very chilly for this time of year.

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Pulblished on 1 June 2013