What I Can Do For You.

Typically, the process starts with a chat about the requirements for your intended website, to establish your exact needs, which will enable me to give you an estimate of how much it will cost. A small business, for example, may only need a basic website consisting of home, services, about, and contact pages. At this stage we can establish your target audience, and whether the website will be need to be useable on laptops, mobiles or tablets, or on all devices. If required I can build your website with responsive design techiques, which display the website according to the screen resolution it is being viewed on.

Website Redesign

Perhaps you have an old website design that you would like revamped/re-designed. If so please get in touch and we can come to some arrangement as to how much this will cost. I can re-define the purpose of the site, re-organize all of the content, re-structure the navigation, and re-design the look and feel. In general prices will vary according to the complexity of your website design and size of the website itself.

The Process

Early in the process I will build a demo web page for your viewing, and if it meets your approval, we can finalize the design and I can then start to build the website. You will need to supply me with your website content, and primarily this will be two things. Firstly, the text or information that you want to appear, and secondly, any images, photos or logo to be added.

Domain Installation

Three things are required in order to set up a live website on the Internet. Firstly, an active domain name (website address). If you do not own a domain name for your website I can easily search for and register your preferred name. Secondly, the website will need to be serviced to users by a third party hosting provider. I can help you find a good company and will do all the technical bits to install the website. Finally, you will need an active email account and preferably a broadband connection.

Something Special

Only after a detailed consultation (by phone or in person) can we begin to understand the time and costs involved. Remember, we are developing something original for you. There is a website for every budget and all fees are agreed upon before the project begins. There will be no hidden costs or surprises, and I always do my best to make the whole process uncomplicated, and even enjoyable.