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Lift Panel Repair Specialists We aim to deliver a quick fire panel solution to any damage found on lifts, cross feeding the skills used in the car repair trade, to repair damaged panels back to a clean metal finish repair. We understand that when a lift has been refused handover due to fine finish of the lift car it can cost huge amounts of money in penalty charges, replacement materials and lift...

Quality Materials.

Lift Panel Repair Specialists.
Using a high tech paint cube system we will be able to identify any colour scheme used within the lift car and match the paint code, which will be sprayed on by a qualified paint technician. A state of the art drying system will be used to dry the paint, in most cases with in half an hour of the paint application. The use of a qualified...

Carbon Neutral.

Lift Panel Repair Specialists.
Matrix Panel Solutions is an environmentally conscious and responsible company, always striving to ensure that every aspect of the business is conducted in accordance with sound practices that have the least harmful effect on the environment. We will achieve this by: complying with all environmental legislation and adhering to the...

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         Matrix Panel Solutions
            11c Gloster Road,
            Martlesham Industrial Estate,
            IP5 3RJ.

        Matthew Eation 07725 049845

        Rick Kerry 07966 888239


Company Address:
11c Gloster Road,
Martlesham Ind. Estate,
Ipswich, IP5 3RJ.
07725 049845