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What happens if technical problems occur ?

If a technical problem occurs, and it due to an error in design or coding of your website, it will be fixed as soon as is feasibly possible, usually in a matter of hours once I receive notification of a fault. This obviously incurs no charge. Please be aware that the modern Internet is a world of fast moving technology which means that some degree of maintenance of your website is inevitable in the future. I minimize this risk by using standards compliant code, and rigorously testing websites on a variety of browsers. When you have a problem please get in contact to discuss a plan of action and the costs involved.

How long will it take to build my website ?

Not long, is the short answer. It obviously depends on how large or complex your website is. A basic website could be on the Internet within weeks. Anything more complicated than this and I will give you an honest appraisal of the length of time it will be.

Can we organize all of this via the telephone or email ?

This should not be a problem for the vast majority of websites. Once we have spoken over the phone to get details of your specification, most other contact will be via email. You can email me all of your website content. I am based in Devon and so if you are near the region, and you wish to meet in person to discuss requirements, this can easily be arranged.

What happens if the content of my website needs to change ?

There are various options we can discuss in order to keep your content fresh. If, for example, you require daily news updates, if would prove more cost effective to invest in a Content Management System, rather than getting me to update it daily. Intermittent updates can be discussed and a price agreed after an estimate of work involved.

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